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Freelance journalist and editor, San Francisco, CA
I've been published in The New York Times, The New Republic, Discover, California, The Nation, Mother Jones, "This American Life," Taking Things Seriously: 75 Objects With Unexpected Significance (Princeton Architectural Press, 2007), California Lawyer, High Country News Magazine, and the once fabulous though now defunct fashion magazine Mirabella. I have also been a consultant for The Alliance for Climate Protection, researching and developing television news segments on topics related to climate change impacts and solutions.

Sierra Magazine, San Francisco, CA
June 2000-January 2008
I was hired as writer/editor and promoted to Senior Writer at this 750,000-circulation bimonthly environmental publication. I've been responsible for writing or assigning/editing profiles and special projects.

After listening to the story of a former mining executive turned whistleblower and then doing some serious digging, I jumped into investigative reporting and became the founding director of the Sierra Investigative Journalism Project.

My investigative stories include in-depth articles on a U.S.-based mining company's links to terrorist funding; a look at how companies use bankruptcy to avoid paying billions in environmental clean up costs; and a piece looking at Latin America's resurgent clergy activism, what I call 'liberation ecology,' targeted at transnational mining and logging interests.

Mother Jones Magazine, San Francisco, CA
I was a contributing editor, responsible for conceptualization and editing of Nov/Dec. 1997 issue "Believe it or Not: Spirituality is the New Religion," as well as political and cultural interviews with Jamaica Kincaid, Margaret Atwood, Theo Colborn, Arlie Hochschild, and Huston Smith.

Utne Reader Minneapolis, MN
I was hired as senior editor, promoted to executive editor, at this 300,000-subscriber general interest magazine with a national distribution. I contributed to cover section conceptualization and content; conducted in-depth interviews, wrote, and edited Profiles/Interviews section. Conceptualized and pulled off farewell issue, which was devoted to quitting.

Janus, Berlin, Germany
As east and west Europe were engaged in a creative, vibrant struggle to figure out how to integrate in a new world order post Berlin Wall, I conceptualized a magazine of popular culture and international affairs, developed a business plan from the ground up, and sought financing in the U.S. and Europe.

New Perspectives Quarterly (NPQ), Los Angeles, CA
I was senior editor for this journal of social and political thought (where I continue to be a contributing editor). NPQ is published by The Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions. My position required conceptualizing issues, assigning articles, conducting interviews (including in-depth conversations with Nelson Mandela, Octavio Paz, Sandra Day O'Connor, Carlos Fuentes, and Hans Jurgen Syberberg, Leopold Kohr, and Freimut Duve, among others), heavy editing, coordination with production, and art direction (encompassed duties of managing editor). Full list of interviews.