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I'm a San Francisco-based journalist and editor. Partial to Vladimir Nabokov, who said that "curiosity is insubordination in its purest form," I've focused most recently on investigative stories related to the environment and politics.

With wide-ranging interests and a sense of wonder at the workings of both humans and nature, my stories run the gamut. I've freelanced travel stories for the New York Times, written one of the first stories on aging to be published in an American fashion magazine, Mirabella, and conducted one of the last interviews with Nobel climate scientist Stephen Schneider before his untimely death. I've also done the odd piece for "This American Life." My work has also appeared in The New Republic, Discover, California Lawyer, Mother Jones, NPQ, and Sierra. Most recently I wrote about the crisis of teenage suicide on the Navajo Nation for the Investigative Reporters Workshop. The piece was made possible by a grant from the Fund for Investigative Journalism and was co-published by New America Media. Read "Passing Thoreau" here.

For a sampling of my work and abilities, please wander through my site. Welcome.