Marilyn Berlin Snell is an independent journalist whose work focuses on the environment and politics. 

She is currently co-producer of Question Bridge: White Women in America, a multi-year (2019-2021) transmedia project designed to spark questions and answers between people of a specific demographic with wildly diverse opinions and worlviews. More information: www.questionbridgewhitewomen.com


Unlikely Ally: How the military fights climate change and protects the environment is her first book, published by Heyday in September 2018.  She was staff writer for Sierra, the magazine of the Sierra Club, from 2000 to 2008, and founding director of the magazine’s Investigative Journalism Project. Her freelance work has appeared in publications including the New York Times, New Republic, Los Angeles Times, Discover, California Lawyer, Mother Jones, and The Nation, as well as “This American Life.” In a previous life, she conducted in-depth interviews for New Perspectives Quarterly.